One of 57357’s many success stories is Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim’s who is now working as security personnel in 57357. Ibrahim’s story with 57357 started about seven years ago. When Ahmed was 15 years old he got sick with what he thought is cold with severe aches in his body. Traditional pain killers didn’t stop his pains, he visited a couple of doctors who could not diagnose his sickness. The last doctor he visited requested blood tests which revealed he was suffering from leukemia, so the doctor advised him to go to 57357.

Ibrahim was admitted immediately and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, ALL. Ahmed shared with us that he had such severe pain in his legs and different parts of his body that he needed assistance to walk. After the second chemotherapy session, he started to feel better and was able to walk without assistance.

Chatting with Prof. Dr. Emad Ali Helmy Moussa, pediatric oncology consultant in Hospital 57357 and the faculty of medicine, Menoufeya University about Ibrahim’s case, he said that despite Ibrahim’s acute condition, he responded very well to treatment. Dr. Moussa added that he was treated with chemotherapy for three years during which he suffered a lot, and after which he was declared recovered (In remission). “ I am very proud of Ibrahim who always demonstrated a wonderful fighting spirit”, shared Dr. Moussa, informing us that the Hospital is recording an overall survival rate of 85% in ALL. Currently Ibrahim is cured and is in the follow up period, which lasts few years.

After his graduation from high school, Ibrahim wanted to pay back the place that granted him cure. He told Dr. Moussa about his desire to work for the Hospital. Dr. Moussa communicated his request to the management of the Hospital who agreed to hire him as a security personnel. Ibrahim told us that he is going to get married soon, God willing, and that he is very happy in his work.

Besides providing the healing dream to children with cancer Hospital 57357 realize their wishes, and try to fulfill whenever possible.