” For us, Hospital 57357 represents the doors of mercy on earth that were opened to cure my child’, shares Remas’ mother on  how has she felt upon the referral of her child to the children’s cancer hospital l57357  to be treated from blood cancer.

In 2017, the 3year old playful kid  Remas, started suffering from abdominal pain and the primary examinations revealed a spleen swell combined with a low hemoglobin level. Back then, she was immediately admitted to Hospital 57357 upon her referral to be treated from  Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (a type of blood cancer).

“Early detection gives better chances of treatment “, said Dr.Asmaa Hamouda, pediatric oncology consultant at 57357 and Remas’ treating physician when Remas parents asked about her prognosis as they were afraid of losing their child. Dr. Hammouda talked about the challenges that she had confronted during the treatment period of Remas including the handling of her parents fear and anxiousness . The oncologist has been used simple language to manage the trauma that has changed the family’s life and explained the pain that the patient would go through most importantly the typical side effects of chemotherapy including hair and appetite loss and . To reassure them Dr. Hammouda kept on stressing the fact that the survival rate of patients with cancer treated at the hospital was  72% and getting closer to the 80% world rates.

Throughout the three years of the treatment plan, little Remas has been through a lot as she lost her hair and struggled with the nausea that results from the intake of chemo.  While her classmates were getting ready to start their new school year, wearing new uniforms and tying their hair with pink ribbons, she had been lucky to receive medical care by 57357’s world-class doctors and its friendly compassionate staff members  that have enabled her to achieve  total recovery from cancer and to get back  her long brown hair and tie it with pink ribbons.