Hospital 57357 CEO: “We fully support your Initiative and the Egyptian youth … Egyptians built 57357 with their donations and now you are going on towards making a real change in the society.”

Yesterday, Friday, July 22, 2016, the “Training Conference of Cairo Boot Camp Advocacy – (NCD free) Innovation Leadership” was launched at Hospital 57357 and will last for two days. The Conference is part of the NCD Free Initiative, which employs technology to raise and spread health awareness and the adoption of healthy habits and food in our daily life. The members of the initiative focus on the use of social media, such as instgram, facebook and twitter to reach out to the youth around the world and introduce them to non-communicable diseases (NCD), with the aim of spreading useful and healthy habits that contribute to the building of societies that enjoy health and welfare.

Among the honorable dignitaries that attended the launching of the Conference was Dr. Maysa Shawki – the Deputy of the Minister of Health, Dr. Nihal Almogharbel – the Deputy of the Minister of Planning, together with an outstanding group of the concerned public figures and university students who are volunteering for the Initiative. The dear guests were warmly welcomed by Dr. Sherif Abou Elnaga – CEO of 57357 Group, Dr. Hanaa Farid – Director of Strategic Planning and Development of Resources at 57357 Foundation. In his welcome speech, 57357’s CEO addressed the attendees saying “you are wonderful young Egyptians, we will fully support you, you are the future of Egypt and you are the ones that will continue the journey of our society and its achievements.”

Dr. Maysa Shawki, the Deputy of the Minister of Health: “I am glad that the Conference is launched at 57357 … it is one of my dreams is to see our society fully aware of these diseases and to protect itself from them.”

In her speech, Dr. Maysa Shawki praised the event and said “I really appreciate this event for its pursuit to raise and spread awareness of NCD through social media. It is taking serious and practical steps towards the dream of eradicating those kinds of diseases; personally, it is one of my dreams to see our society having the knowledge and awareness of those diseases in order to protect itself from them.”

Similarly, Dr. Lamis Rageb expressed her admiration of the event in her speech about the Initiative and praised the role of the two brothers Bassem and Baher in the Initiative and in the cooperation with the two Australian brothers – the founders of the Initiative. Dr. Rageb said that they are a role model of successful youth that work for achieving real change and they succeeded in communicating their constructive thinking to their peers. She further added that volunteers played the major role in the establishment of Hospital 57357 that is why it presents the perfect place for launching this Initiative in Egypt through this Conference.

Baher and Bassem, the young two brothers and coordinators of the NCD-Free Innovation Leadership Initiative in Egypt “We choose Hospital 57357 because it embodies innovation in the field of health care services, besides being an icon of leadership and management.”

In an interview with the two brothers Baher and Bassem Hegazy, the Coordinators of the Initiative in Egypt, they said “We hope that through this Conference we will be able to inspire young generations to exert their best endeavors to protect the health of the individuals in their communities and be able of making real positive changes. We are working to bring more benefits to our homeland by raising awareness on the causes of these diseases in order to reduce their rates, eventually reduce the rates of the costs allocated for them by the Ministry of Health. Our goal is NCD- Free Society.” About how they came to know this Initiative, Dr. Baher said that while attending a conference in Switzerland, he met one of the two founders of the Initiative worldwide, who are also two brothers from Australian origin, they had a conversation about the Initiative and its importance and agreed that the two Egyptian brothers Baher and Bassem will be the coordinators of the Initiative in Egypt. We communicate with a huge group of young people via social media, which are known to be favored by the majority of the youth. Then, the Minister of Health welcomed the idea and accepted to sponsor and to support us. Also, Hospital 57357 supported us and hosted the First Conference of the Initiative. He added that one of the reasons we choose 57357 is that fact that it stands out and embodies innovations in the field of the provision of health care services as well as the fields of leadership and management.

Mr. Jack Fischer, the Global Coordinator of the NCD-Free Initiative provided detailed explanation of NCD and their types, such as cancer, lung diseases, diabetes, heart diseases and mental health diseases. He further referred to several statistics and talked about the applicable action plan until 2030. Mr. Fisher also elaborated on how the reduction of the rates of these diseases contributes to great extent in economic development. Smoking, pollution and unhealthy nutritional habits are among the main causes of NCD. There is no doubt that Egyptians need to enjoy a safe and healthy life, moreover, there are fixed plans to control the spread of these diseases, which kill about 36 million persons all over the world every year. Mr. Fisher also said “we rely on the youth in introducing and spreading our Initiative, the young generations represent the future and today, from Cairo – Egypt, we are declaring to the world that we care and we shall continue our efforts via instgram, movies and social media and that we are determined to spread our ideas and increase awareness of NCD.”

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