Egypt Cancer Network 57357 is a proud recipient of a $15,000 USD grant awarded by Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh and Hyatt Regency Taba Heights. This award is part of Hyatt Community Grants, a philanthropic program that encourages Hyatt hotels around the world to identify and nominate local nonprofits for funding consideration through Hyatt Hotels Foundation. Hyatt Community Grants is a key component of Hyatt Thrive, the company’s global corporate responsibility program.

The $15,000 USD grant is dedicated to expanding the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 in order to provide treatment to more children with cancer in Hospital 57357. The grant furthers our mission to provide resources to Egyptian hospitals and non-profit organizations focused on cancer in the areas of patient care, scientific advancement and education.

Despite being the largest free standing pediatric cancer hospital in the world, Hospital 57357 has been at 99% capacity since beginning operation. With 187 beds, the hospital only meets the needs of 1 out of every 4 Egyptian children newly diagnosed with cancer.

The hospital’s vision is to give the opportunity for cure and the highest quality of life to all Egyptian cancer patients. This grant will assist us in a key activity for the hospital’s expansion so that all children with cancer can be treated in Hospital 57357 free of charge.

We are proud to accept this grant and thank Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh and Hyatt Regency Taba Heights for their support. For more information about Hyatt Community Grants, please visit www.hyattthrive/

Providing Treatment to More Children with Cancer in Hospital 57357

After the expansion, Hospital 57357 will be able to serve 75% of children newly diagnosed with cancer in Egypt. With a 5-year survival rate of 79%, compared to the Egyptian average of 40%, significantly more lives can be saved. The 250 bed expansion will be designed using the latest technology for green, solar power and waste and water management.

Hospital 57357 will add a unit for brain tumor patients which is the second most common pediatric malignancy making Hospital 57357 a regional center of excellence. This unit will have 6 highly specialized operating rooms, intensive care and patient unit.

We are grateful for this Hyatt Community Grant and for the support of our community. Please share this post with your family and friends as we work together towards our fundraising goal.