The CytoFlex Flow Cytometer (3 lasers, 13 colors) and The BD FACS Melody Cell Sorter (3 lasers, 9 colors) machines that have been installed at the Immunology Lab, within the Basic Research Unit are among the most important tools that are mainly used in the field of basic and applied scientific research, as well as diagnosis of hematological malignancies including AML and ALL. Also, the Cell Sorter (on the other hand) has the advantage of physical sorting and precise isolation of different types of cells including tumor cells and tumor infiltrated immune cells for use in downstream applications such as detection of their specific mutations. These machines are also intended to recognize cancerous cells in blood, bone marrow, and lymph nodes.

The flow cytometer is also used in many other fields including separating microorganisms such as marine micro-organisms and studying them in the laboratory.

It is noteworthy that the BD FACS Melody cell sorter is the second device of its kind in Egypt, which will greatly assist in the fields of basic research and applied medical sciences.

Established in 2017, the immunology research program which is part of the basic research unit at 57357, is conceived to meet the needs of the most advanced translational research centers in cancer immunology field. The program aims at better understanding of the evolution of cancer and discover new therapeutic approaches and strategies.