Picture 357357 was just a  set of numbers to me seen on a few ads on TV. Friends and family were always advising me to donate  but I was reluctant to do so. The TV ad of Bob Bradley attracted my attention to the tax deduction in the US and as I am an Egyptian living abroad the idea appealed to me. Sending my Zakat to my home country and getting a tax break would allow me to donate even more.
However, everything changed when I came to Cairo and paid a visit to the hospital.  This is a project built according to the most advanced standards in the world in terms of technology and materials.  All their staff is highly qualified as they also invest in their education. They are human, with compassion and a volunteering attitude ,seeing children ranging from babies to the age of eighteen coming from different  urban and rural parts of the Egypt and the Middle East. Common people who are trying to save their children and would have never been able to afford this kind of treatment. During my visit I spoke with many parents and they were all very appreciative and thankful for the existence of this hospital.
Apart from the sentimental emotions that brought tears to my eyes during the visit was a feeling of pride and happiness. Proud to be a small part of a revolutionary organization which is progressing in terms of research, highest level of technology and  administration. Building new research department , adding more beds to accommodate the huge number of in-flowing demand and contributing to local hospitals.
I would encourage all Arabs living abroad to consider helping the Children Cancer Hospital and where they benefit from a tax deduction, give more as an opportunity to help those in great need.

Nahed Hallaba