Tears of joy in Mirna’s eyes as she initiated with her colleagues in Sport Education Faculty a successful donation campaign to support 57357’s children

Mirna, a student in Sport Education Faculty, Helwan University, started a charity initiative to support 57357’s children through their treatment journey. She collected donations from her colleagues and came to 57357 two consecutive days to submit the donations. On the second day,  as she opened the donations  safe to find an unexpected big sum of money, tears of joy rolled down her face. With this money she could realize her dream of setting up a charity endowment, in the name of her cohort members, in favor of 57357’s new expansions, hence becoming charity partners who contribute to the healing of our children with cancer, God Willing.

Mirna and her colleagues’ charity initiative was organized through contacting the unit in charge of public universities at 57357 Foundation. Through this unit, they also coordinated sport sessions for our children offered by Merna and her colleagues as well as organizing a charity marathon in favor of 57357’s children. Mirna created a group on face book so her colleagues would be able to follow up on the initiative  and to keep on collecting donations for 57357’s children

Our gratitude to Mirna and her colleagues from the Sport Education Faculty of Helwan University.