Hospital 57357 seeks raising recovery rate of children with cancer through continuous development of healthcare procedures. In this framework the immunology unit shares in a group of researches and projects that are targeting new eras in diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Ahmed Al Awadi, head of immunology unit shares: though there are trials to hinder 57357’s mission, we pursuit our way driven by science not by emotions. Hence, in the immunology unit we keep working hard in immunology researches. We have finished 75% of the preparations of the unit, and currently we need only one equipment and some complementary preparations. In the field of education and training we provide training to the masters, fellowship and resident students. We are about to form the immunology team and train them on the latest equipment. Currently we are in the stage of evaluating scientific plans and getting approvals to start them.

Regarding research projects, we are currently working on three projects, the first is extracting immunity cells that ease the existence of cancer in the body, and treating it to reduce its ratio in cancer cells, which help controlling tough cancer types that used to be resistant for treatment. The research is conducted in cooperation with the Army Medical College and Zewail city for Science and Technology, and is targeting bones and liver cancer in children where the results are expected to be obtained within a year and half.

The second research is conducted in cooperation with Dr. Ghonaim’s kidney center, and studies the effect of embryonic stem cells and using it to treat diabetes and stimulate immunity system.

The third research is going to be one of the biggest researches in the world in the field of leukemia. It studies the relationship between leukemia and microbiom and the negative and positive effects of the minute organisms of the human body. The research aims to find out a new specification for leukemia depending on the bacteria that exist in the mouth and stomach. The five research units will share in this research, tumor biology, immunology, genome, proteome and metabolism units, the act that would open new eras in diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Al Awadi asserted that 57357 is one of the international institutions that work through integrated system that combines treatment, education and researches which guaranties employing research result to serve healthcare