In attendance of the Hospital management, Dana Farber Boston Children’s  professors, Dr. Ahmed Alhiwy, treasurer of the council of Ministers’ education fund of  and the graduates’ families, 57357 celebrated the graduation of 10 students representing 2015 and 2016 cohorts of the pediatric oncology fellowship training program. The program is  the fruit of a collaborative effort joining Hospital 57357, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Boston Children’s Hospital instructors who are experts and leaders in this field as well as the sponsorship of Egyptian Cancer Network, ECN-US and the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI.  The goal of the training which sarted in 2012 is to create a new generation of pediatric oncologists  capable of producing change in their own settings in this part of the world. The program duration is 30 months 27 of which are spent in Hospital 57357 and 3 months of observer ship in Boston Children’s Hospital. Up till now 28 trainees were enrolled in the program among whom four came from Kenya, Ethiopia, Kuwait and Sudan. Also attending the celebration were Dr. Hatem Abou El Kassem, dean of Egypt’s National Cancer Institute, as well as its head of pediatric oncology department, Dr. Emad Ebeid.

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“Keep learning, transfer your expertise to others and dedicate your selves to helping patients”, with these words the Hospital’s general manager started his speech talking to the graduates.  He stressed that the 57357 Institution is committed to spending on developing the skills and expertise and upgrade its resources to enhance the performance and improve the quality of services. The celebration included a speech by Dr. Mark. Kieran, director pediatric neuro-oncology, Harvard Medical School who expressed his excitement and how proud he was of the students who exerted utmost efforts to successfully pass the program. In a speech by Dr. Liliana C. Goumnerova, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery, Harvard Medical School, she said : I feel you are like my family, for the warm and friendly atmosphere that prevails between students, instructors and the program administration.

In his speech, Dr. Alhiwy expressed his pride of the Hospital that he visits for the first time and said that he sensed the positive energy everywhere in the Hospital. He also offered to help the Hospital in any way it needs.

The graduates expressed their enthusiasm about the program saying: it is a program that prepares leaders that are capable of making a change, as they learn during the program how to work in a team, exchange experiences and skills, put theory into practice and engage in research.