While visiting our Hospital, Dr. Hawas invites everyone from around the world to contribute to our children’s treatment journey and our expansion project

Dr. Hawas was welcomed by the children, dressed in Pharaonic costumes, who presented him flowers at the Hospital entrance. He was warmly greeted by the Hospital’s general manager and CEO of the 57357 group, along with members of the Hospital staff and management.

Dr. Hawas is a prominent archeologist who gained worldwide fame. He is the author of a number of Ancient Egypt history books such as “The ancient Egyptian woman”, “The shiny sun temples” and “Sphinx secrets”. During his visits, he delights in talking to the children about the Ancient Egyptian culture and the secrets of the Pyramids’ architecture. He shared that the Hawas Center affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina will give special attention to our children to increase their archeological awareness and affirmed his eagerness to give a number of lectures to the children in the Hospital and to offer them simplified books and novels aboutAncient Egyptian culture.

Dr. Hawas toured the different departments of the Hospital and visited the expansion site that would enable us to treat more children. Our illustrious guest invited everyone to contribute to the expansion project, and revealed that he will donate the outcome of selling his famous hat to the Children’s Cancer Hospital, as acontribution to the children’s healing journey.