When it comes to a new-born baby diagnosed with a dreadful disease like cancer, there is no distinction between Egyptian and non-Egyptian. They are all equals, they are all our babies.

Ahmed is a beautiful eight month old Nigerian baby boy. From the first moment you see him, he captivates you with his pure, innocent smile in spite of the dreadful cancer that is infiltrating his tiny body.

In Nigeria there is no effective treatment for cancer. Searching for a glimmer of hope, his parents began browsing the internet looking for a reliable charity cancer care center in the African continent. Upon finding 57357, they established contact with the hospital and were overjoyed to receive a reply shortly afterwards.

Remnants of Egypt’s 7000 year old civilization reveal its African origins. Egypt has always been and will always be part of the African continent; maintaining strong ties of friendship and cooperation with all its sister African countries. Hospital 57357 has been inspired by-and established according to-the St. Jude humanitarian model which stipulates the provision of free care to all children with cancer regardless of race, creed or ability to pay. That is why Ahmed, who is Nigerian by nationality, was admitted to 57537 on March 24 to treat the cancer in his eye.

He underwent surgery to remove the diseased eye and replace it with an artificial one and he is now receiving chemotherapy.

“Nurses at 57357 have no equals; they are so greatly committed to their job. They care about my baby as if he was their own”, said Ahmed’s grateful father.

“After everything I have experienced in 57357 and am still experiencing, I can see that there is no discrimination here at all, be it racial, national, religious or financial. All patients aretreated the same, as equals.  All donations given here are used very carefully and responsibly”, he added.

Ahmed’s parents are determined to save some money to donate it as waqf (naming opportunity) in the Hospital. Until then, they have vowed to donate blood regularly to 57357 to help its children with cancer. They are also encouraging all the people they know to contribute to the ongoing development andsustainability of 57357.