Lamar, a resilient member of 57357’s community, exudes determination, endurance, and hope as she faces cancer for the second time. At just nine years old, her radiant smile belies the challenges she has overcome. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2018, Lamar lost her eyesight, yet her spirit remained unbroken through two years of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Though her condition improved and her eyesight returned, a relapse occurred five months ago.


Undeterred, Lamar embarked on a second treatment journey, completing five chemotherapy sessions while awaiting a bone marrow transplant. Despite the daunting obstacles, her infectious smile persists, fueled by a profound optimism for recovery. Lamar’s mother acknowledges the invaluable care provided by Hospital 57357, where quality treatment is offered free of charge, sparing families the agony of financial burden.

Lamar’s own words reflect the warmth and support she receives at the hospital, where she finds solace in drawing, coloring, and participating in plays. With a passion for animals, particularly cats, Lamar dreams of becoming a veterinarian to heal them when they fall ill.

Join us in standing by Lamar and all the children battling formidable diseases. Your support can make a meaningful difference in their courageous journey towards healing.