MRI Approval Photo

Latest Technology Intra-operative MRI to raise brain tumor over-all survival rates from 60% to 75-80%

Thanks to the generous donation of our partner, Commercial International Bank, 57357 is in the process of acquiring and installing the latest brain surgery technology: Intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (IO-MRI). Of all the various imaging techniques, MRI has become the method of choice for guidance during neurosurgical procedures but this specific technology(IO-MRI)  offers the surgeon  more accurate intraoperative lesion localization and, intraoperative assessment of tumor resection, Moreover it enables the highest potential for total tumor removal and intraoperative prevention  of procedure-related complications. In simple words, with this equipment the surgeon is able to maintain constant and confident navigational accuracy, protecting the functions of vital brain areas, maximizing patient outcome and avoiding complications. As for the patient, this equipment reduces the possibilities for revision surgeries and length of Hospital stay.

The new equipment, besides being easily integrated into our existing  neuro-navigational systems, will improve our ability of removing the totality of the tumor in brain cancer from 65% to 85-90% and will increase overall survival from 60% to 75-80%. Being the first equipment of its kind to be introduced in the Middle East region, the IO-MRI will enable 57357 to have a leading edge in brain tumor treatment in the Middle East with an operating theater equal to the most advanced neurosurgical operating theatre in USA and Europe.