Lujeina is a 6 year old pretty child originally from Cairo who is fighting Leukemia. She is still under treatment and is hopeful to be cured and one day to become a doctor.She shared with us her joy and anticipation for the up-coming feast. She usually celebrates it with her brother and sister in a warm family atmosphere, and receives feast allowance from parents and grandparents that she saves with her mother to buy her a toy of her choice.Lujeina started her journey with 57357 in September 2018 after visiting more than one doctor who failed to diagnose her illness. She suffered from bone aches and general weakness. Her doctor asked for blood tests which revealed severe anemia and required a blood transfusion. After the blood transfusionher hemoglobin decreased again so she came to 57357 where she was diagnosed as a type of leukemia. She first came through the regular channel, the out-patient clinic. After nine days she received a call to come to be admitted to the Hospital. In 57357 we experienced a different kind of hospital, her mother shared with us. We found excellent care and kind treatment from all the staff of physicians, nurses and workers.After being hospitalized for 23 days, Lujeina was sent home, and used to come every week to take chemotherapy. Her physician Dr. Sonya Mahmoud, pediatric oncology consultant, revealed that currently Lugeina comes for chemotherapy every month if her blood tests are good, otherwise she receives treatment before the chemotherapy dose. A nurse visits Lujeina at home in the middle of the month to take a blood sample to test it. The Hospital offershome visits for patients who live in Cairo when needed and physicians communicate with  their patients through the visiting nurse.