My name is Marwan Ahmed, student in commerce high school. My chronological age is 15 years, but my experience in 57357 taught me much more than what anyone of my age is capable of learning. The Hospital professionals are not just treating us, they are supporting us and teaching us how to face problems and challenges.

About five years ago I was a very happy child, and was the closest to my parents. I can’t forget that day when I noticed tumor in my neck. It wasn’t painful so we thought it is something temporarily. When it started to grow up quickly we got worried, my uncle advised my father to go nowhere other than Hospital 57357.

When we came to 57357 and made tests, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I was chocked, I cried as I remembered my beloved aunt who had the same disease, and was in pain.

When I was admitted to the Hospital I was depressed despite the doctors and nurses efforts to cheer me up. My father was always there for me, strengthening me and give me hope in cure. I started to get used to the place but after a month I got a big shock as my father died suddenly. Distressed and traumatized, I locked myself in bed and kept away from people, I rejected medication and food and I got much worse as I lost the ability to move.

I cannot forget the Hospital’s role at that time, they initiated a psychological treatment plan besides the cancer treatment plan, where doctors, nurses, social workers and volunteers shared in implementing. The Hospital used to give my mother and family instructions on how to deal with me. With everyone’s support I started getting better: as I felt the love and care of people around me, I took the decision to fight back and to defeat my illness. I prayed God to help me to recover as this was my father’s ultimate wish.

By time I felt that 57357 was my most favorite place. I made friendships with patients, doctors, pharmacists and nurses. There I learned many things, I learned that any problem can be solved if we were patient and determined, and discovered that all the ordeals I had to go through had made me stronger.

I recovered two years ago and I decided to pay back the favor. Supported by 57357’s volunteers, I decided to become myself a volunteer in 57357 to help children go through their treatment journey and encourage them to defeat the disease. I am not alone in that; with my mates, survivors Khaled, Amir, Asem, Malak, Mariem, Refaat and Fedaa, we take pleasure in visiting with the children, chatting and playing with them to encourage them to be strong. 57357 is not just a Hospital, it is a big school where I learned many things. I wish to become one of the 57357 family in the future.