My name is Ganna, I am 13, cancer attacked me twice, I defeated it in the first time and, will defeat it again, god willing. I was 9 years old and in grade five when cancer hit me for the first time. Suddenly, I started suffering from severe headaches and a blurry vision. Doctors diagnosed my condition as leukemia and I was admitted to 57357 where I was treated and recovered. Two years later I had a relapse and this time in the spinal cord which affected the optic nerve.

I was shaken and scared at the start of my relapse, but at the Hospital, they taught me to be strong, to embrace  the Hospital as the place where I received the best of care, and to accept my treatment journey with a sense of defiance and a combative spirit. It is true that injections are painful, but in 57357 there are many nice things other than injections and medications. There are kind compassionate doctors and nurses, nice volunteers, library and the garden with lot of flowers and play areas. I also like the parties and entertaining events they hold and the clown Karawan. The place I love the most is the art workshop, as I have always loved drawing. During my chemotherapy sessions, I dream about drawing and coloring, and I go to the art workshop after the session to forget all about pain.

I cannot forget the Aswan trip that the Hospital organized. There, we saw the nicest places in the world and we visited the high dam. We had an art workshop among plants and flowers. They also organized a boat tour on the Nile during which we took lots of pictures. We also visited a place where they kept crocodiles and we met the governor who welcomed us and invited us to attend an Aswani wedding. Before going to Aswan I used to hide my boldness as I lost my hair  because of chemotherapy, but Ms. Amany and Ms. Shaimaa encouraged me to act naturally; since then, I am not shy to uncover my head. The Aswani people are very kind and welcoming. I decided to visit Aswan again first thing after my recovery.

My friends Shorouk, Basma and Toqa often visit me at Home and in the Hospital. I teach them all what I learned about drawing and coloring in the art workshop. My teachers Ms. Hedeya and Ms. Sabah visit me also and bring me gifts.

I feel strong and I am determined to defeat cancer again. The thing that makes me sad is seeing my parents sad, so I pray to God to grant a speedy recovery so as to to return back to school and to restore the smiles on my parents’ faces. My parents taught me to pray to God for healing of all the sick children. May God grant me and all of 57357’s patients cure from this disease.