At the age of 8, Hana was admitted to 57357 hospital two years ago, where she was diagnosed with a tumor in her adrenal gland and kidney. Despite enduring intensive chemotherapy and surgery to remove part of the tumor and intestine, Hana’s determination shines through as she continues her battle against the illness. Her dream? To become a dentist at 57357 and care for other children. Surrounded by friends, including her beloved Dr. Soha, Hana’s spirit remains unbroken as she prepares for Ramadan by saving money to buy lanterns for her fellow young patients. Inspired by the hospital’s advertisements, Hana’s positivity radiates as she looks forward to a future filled with promise.

Reflecting on her daughter’s journey, Hana’s mother expresses gratitude for the unwavering support and care provided by Dr. Soha and the entire medical team at 57357. Despite initial doubts, Hana’s mother now finds solace in knowing that her daughter is receiving the best possible treatment and is on the path to recovery, thanks to the dedicated efforts of everyone at the hospital.

Hana’s story is just one of many at 57357, where children like her confront illness with bravery and determination. With your support, these young patients find hope for healing and the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Together, let us pray for Hana’s recovery and for the well-being of all the children at 57357.