My name is Mennat Allah Mostafa, I am from Aswan and live in Giza. I am one of 57357’s children. Cancer attacked twice my lymph nodes, and thanks be to God, I was treated, had bone marrow transplantation, and presently traversing the follow up stage. In 57357 we don’t just receive treatment, we learn how to live normally and fight our illness while enjoying our lives. During the treatment period I took up painting; 57357 helped me discover and develop my talent to the extent that I participated in exhibitions and won competitions.

The first time cancer hit me I was 9 years old. Since the first day I was admitted, 57357 represented the world for me and became my second home. There I forget that I am in a hospital, and this is how my peers are feeling too. For us, 57357 became the place where we receive treatment and get rid of our negative energy.

In the beginning I used to receive treatment in the day care, there they gave us coloring books. I was so happy with the coloring books, and I tried to draw the prince’s face. It wasn’t very good, but in the art workshop they encouraged me and helped me discover my talent. I took a course in drawing as drawing helped me express myself and cross over my illness, especially when I got a relapse after two years.

Nobody loves the Hospital where he receives treatment, but it is different in 57357, we like the Hospital and wish to stay in it because of its cheerful and comfortable environment

Although children suffer while receiving chemotherapy, but you would see a smile on their faces despite the pain. Lots of children feel sad when they finish treatment because they won’t see their peers again, I am one of those children as the Hospital became a considerable part of my life.