Our gorgeous daughter Merna Madkour who suffered a rare type of bone cancer
Merna was initially admitted to Hospital 57357 , as people in Egypt refer to Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 . Treatment at Hospital 57357 is free and the number of spaces is limited. Understanding the tremendous needs for cancer treatment of many poor Egyptian kids, her mother generously offered to move Merna to a private hospital in order to allow families with fewer financial means access to Hospital 57357 .

While she was still undergoing treatment at the other hospital, her school began organizing fundraising events for Hospital 57357. For months, Merna saved every dollar she received from her allowance and holiday gifts, vowing to donate everything to Hospital 57357 as soon as she felt better. Merna was too sick to join her classmates in their fieldtrips to the hospital to donate the money they collected. Undeterred, she continued saving in hopes of one day making her donation in person. She once asked her mother “I am planning to donate all the money I saved, but can I please keep 10% to buy something nice to wear for the visit?” Unfortunately, destiny had other plans for Merna, she passed away on December 14th of last year before she could make the visit she was so eagerly planning. Following her death, her mother and I visited Hospital 57357 to donate her savings. During that visit, we pledged in Merna’s memory, to donate the same amount on a monthly basis for the rest of our lives so one day, parents who face a similar situation can tell a different ending to their story. An ending where their child is cured from this terrible disease, and she is finally able to visit Hospital 57357 to donate her savings so other children with cancer can survive.

In loving memory of our princess and angel,

Tarek Madkour