Mesk’s mother: “In 57357 there are angels who make our children’s journey with cancer much easier. This Hospital provides hope in cure to our children, may God protect it and its entire staff”

With the help of every supporting hand, be it care providers or donors, 57357 fighters’ determination to defeat cancer is increased. Our fighter, Mesk is 4 years old. She started her journey with leukemia at the age of 6 months. She was admitted to the Hospital in 2020, and she suffered an unstable condition due to her young age. Her treatment journey started with a Hospital stay of two and half months before receiving her first chemotherapy session. Presently, after three and half years and an intensive treatment journey, Mesk has grown and has defeated cancer. Two months ago as she responded well to medications, she started the follow up stage as her last test results were good.

“In the beginning, I was ignorant about 57357. When Mesk got sick, we went to many doctors who were not able to diagnose her”, shares Mesk’s mother. She goes on: When we were admitted to 57357, I was surprised and comforted by the quality of care she received. Despite the fact that her condition was critical, I was reassured after being frightened. She was admitted during the peak of the Corona crises, but the compassion, care, cleanliness and genuine concern that surrounded us reassured me and the hope that she will survive and grow up like other children was restored. 57357’s staff are angels who make our children’s journey with cancer much easier, I am praying to God to protect them, as they are hope for our children.

We chatted a while with Mesk: “I love my friends here, uncle Saeed and Uncle Ayman who take beautiful pictures of me, Ms. Samar in the art workshop and Karawan who plays with me. I used to cook on my Kitchen toy in the workshop, and I have an equipped doctor bag, as I wish to become a doctor.”

Thanks be to God and to everyone who is supporting us! Mesk have been treated and is growing up among her second family, 57357. Pray with us for the complete healing of Mesk  and each and every child.