Mona Sayed Ahmed, is a very pretty 19 year old girl. Her smile is contagious , causing allthose looking to instantly smile as well.

In 2011, she began her journey with chemo and radio therapy at 57357. She underwent many surgeries as a means of treating the tumor located beneath her right thigh bone. It was malignant and measured 17 cm long.Unfortunately her life was turned completely around, when the disease started weakening her legs. She was completely unable to move, and was threatened with the amputation of one of her legs.

Although she couldn’t finish her high school to join university as she dreamed, and despite her fiancé abandoning her, Mona didn’t give up. She has always maintained faith and a hope in a brighter future.

Referring to Mona’s case, her treating physician Dr Ahmed El-Ghonemy says,” In such cases, the most important part of the treatment protocol is to remove the tumor and replace the knee joint with a high quality manufactured one, which is made in Germany.”

For the sake of our children and their hopes to get back to normal life , such expensive surgeries are provided for free and without discrimination .

Mona has just completed this surgery and she now has faith that she will walk normally again and resume the life that she once led. She went back to her school and is now doing her best to successfully finish it and enter university.

Moreover, 57357 accepted her request to work for 57357, as she wants to earn a living by herself and help other patients just as she was helped.

“ The most pleasing thing is that I conquered cancer and, God Willing, I will confidently resume my education ” , said Mona .

Well done Mona , we wish you even more success !