mother's-dayFlowers, candy, dinner at a restaurant … these are all common ways to honor the most important person in your life, your Mom.  Mother’s Day in the United States this year is May 12.  Although the above gifts are very nice, we at Egypt Cancer Network have a better idea.

There is another way to honor your mom on her most special day.  Egypt Cancer Network has developed a program with your mom in mind.  A special donation to ECN in her name, either living or deceased, will not only honor her, but will also help the children of hospital 57357.

With each donation, whether it be in memory of, or in honor of, your loved one’s name will be attached to the donation.  If it is in honor of, we will send her a special card letting her know about this donation, to the address that you specify on the donation page.

Everyone has a special woman in their life that was a great influence to them, whether it be your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, sister or daughter.  What better way to honor her than to make this everlasting donation in her name.  Please click on the link below to start your donation now.  If you request a card to be sent, it will arrive in plenty of time for Mother’s day.

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