Nada: I am urging people to donate as the Hospital is a life savior for so many sick children

Nada is a 14 year old cancer patient heroine from Damietta.  Cancer attacked the posterior chamber of her brain and its fourth ventricle, adjacent to the brain stem. She was admitted in August 2018 where she underwent a surgery to remove the cancer and now she is now in the follow-up phase.

Nada’s mother: the Hospital deserves everyone’s support, we felt we were drowning and the Hospital was our lifeline

It all started with  Nada’s suffering from severe headaches; we took her to an ophthalmologist, an ENT specialist and a neurologist who requested a CT and MRI. The investigations showed a tumor in her brain. One physician advised that she needed a shunt  because of the pressure of the tumor in the brain that could affect her vision and we were scared she would have to live with it. We were advised to go to 57357. We were told that we needed a special favor to be admitted to the Hospital , but this proved to be a fallacy. Just like all other patients we waited for our turn to be admitted. This happened on a Sunday and Nada had the surgery on Wednesday, by Dr. Mohammed Elbeltagui who was able to remove all the tumor. Since then Nada is getting better day by day.  In addition to cancer care and treatment, Nada and myself were receiving psychological support as  as I had a break down. Besides offering for free the most up to date diagnostics and treatment services The Hospital is committed to  providing best quality comprehensive family- centered care to patients and families, answering our questions and guiding us throughout the long healing journey. All 57357 staff quietly work hard to give each and every patient the best of care without waiting for anything in return. Many family members and friends decided to donate to 57357 when they heard me talking about it.

Dr Elbeltagui, 57357’s head of brain tumor surgery department: The intracranial pressure was quite high and could have affected her eyesight. As soon as she was admitted, we immediately operated upon her and removed the whole tumor. The flow of cerebrospinal fluid was back to normal hence there was no necessity to place a VP shunt. She was administered chemo and radiotherapy doses and responded very well to the treatment. No signs of recurrence and no side effects of treatment have been detected. In Nada’s case and similar ones where we are able to remove the totality of the tumor, a 75% survival rate have been recorded. Nada is presently in the follow-up phase and her prognosis is reassuring. 57357’s operating room for brain tumor surgeries is equipped with world best and latest technology and devices which facilitate the removal of the totality of the tumor when possible, preserving the patient from removal side effects. These up to date equipment contribute to the success of complex brain surgeries, decreasing post operative side effects and patient’s hospital stay and speeding up his recovery

Nada: Dr. Beltagi is a great doctor, he removed all of my tumor. I am inviting everyone to donate to 57357 as it is truly a lifeline for children who are dreaming of recovery

Thanks to Dr. Beltagi, I survived the surgery without side effects as I thought I won’t be able to move my arms and legs. In the Hospital we received best care and treatment from everyone including elevators’ operators and cleaning people who used to always cheer us up and encourage us. I am inviting everyone to donate to the Hospital so that every sick child would see his dream of recovery becoming a reality.

I like acting, and wish to become an interior designer

Nada shared with us her dreams about the future: I like acting but my wish is to go to applied art faculty to study interior design. About her friends in the Hospital Nada said: I like the volunteers the most, especially Esraa and Nagi. Every time I come to Cairo they take me out and spend nice time with me. About  the holy month of Ramadan, Nada said: I am used to fasting in Ramadan, but am not sure if my physician will allow me to do that this year. The most important thing is that my mother would bring me a nice lantern like every year.

Your support enabled us save Nada’s life and grant her hope for the future. Many more children are dreaming for an opportunity to be cured, help us to realize their dreams.