Raising Awareness levels of 57357’s nursing team according to world quality standards

Our aim is the provision of world quality standards of healthcare services in order to raise our average cure rates and overcome the cancer disease.
That is why we have to be watching closely and following up on our patient from the moment he/she steps in and all through his treatment journey. All through this journey, we have to be aware of the world quality standards for healthcare services provision. That is why we were keen to assess the performance and awareness level of the nursing team with respect to these quality standards. We created a quality team which carried out the assessment and followed-up on nursing operations on each floor. This team is composed of a unit supervisor, a responsible for quality, a responsible for training, a responsible for infection control and a responsible for the floor nursing.

Hospital policies’ awareness and nursing training sessions were set up in line with world quality standards. Nurses were assessed according to their information level and their application to these quality standards when dealing with patients. Following these sessions, 95% of Nursing was well aware of and applying world quality standards when delivering their services to patients.