“Food is the main cause in 30% of cancer incidences of different types” according to Dr. Sherif

Abouelnaga, Egypt Cancer Network’s Board member and Vice President of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357. According to Dr. Abouelnaga, this is mainly due to the pollution caused by pesticides. He pinpointed also to other factors such as malnutrition in children. During his inaugural speech at the first conference on therapeutic nutrition in Egypt on September 24th, 2011, Dr. Abouelnaga added that the hospital will soon launch an advertising campaign to spread awareness with respect to healthy nutrition for children. Dr. Hussein Mansour, President of the Safe Food Organization says 29% of Egyptian children under the age of five suffer from dwarfism and 7% are underweight due to malnutrition. The Safe Food Organization, under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, will support legislation for the regulation and supervision of all food production to ensure consumer safety.