2“Hospital 57357 is my second home. Today I walk around it with a different feeling. I am no more a patient receiving treatment or on a routine follow-up visit. Today, I am a visitor within a group of classmates who are proud of the level of technological advancement they have seen within its walls. Now I realize how much effort was exerted so that I would be provided with the latest and best quality treatment, care, and strict follow-up “

Those were Omar’s words during his visit to the Hospital last Thursday along with 25 of his colleagues from the Helwan University’s Informatics school. The students were greeted by Eng. Mohamed Arafat, Informatics department Head who was enthusiastic to show them all the infrastructure and complex informatics set-up which has enabled the hospital to become one of the most up to date digital Hospitals in Egypt and the Middle East. The students were able to appreciate all the effort that was put together in terms of the latest informatics and communication technology and processes to enable the Hospital to reduce errors, and manage patients cases in a timely and accurate manner in order to maximize their chances of cure and improve their outcomes

Thanks be to God and to your support, Omar was able to overcome bone cancer. Moreover, he was able to finish successfully his schooling education and to enroll in Helwan University’s school of computers and Informatics.  At 57357, so many more children are still on their long journey to cure, their hope in God’s Grace and in their imminent victory over cancer is great. Your donation has not only saved Omar’s life, but it restored to his family the joy of living. We wish Omar and his peer continuous success in their studies and a bright future ahead. We wish and pray that all our 57357 children with cancer would reach safely the shores of cure.

Thanks be to God and to your support, the Hospital has achieved an average over-all survival rate of 72% and is pursuing to continuously increase these rates. Be ready to embark with us on our future expansion journey and help us build the new 300 bed in-patient tower to enable more and more children with cancer to find cure and dream of a better future (God Willing). Your support to the new tower will enable us to admit 80% of annual cancer cases in Egypt.