He dreams of joining the faculty of dentistry and working in 57357

Omar is one of 57357 Tanta branch heroes. He was admitted to the Hospital in 2016 with lymphoma. His treatment journey lasted till February 2017 as he finished chemo and radio therapy and started the follow up stage. Omar also was among the best laureates of the high school certificate for the year 2019/2020.

“I won’t give up until I reach my dream” pursued Omar during the high school certificate year. Chatting with Omar, he shared with us the following:  When I was admitted to the Hospital I thought there was no hope and that my life was ending, but inside 57357, I learned that miracles do happen when you stick to your dreams. During chemotherapy sessions, the most painful part of my treatment journey, caring and compassionate nurses and doctors used to calm me down, reassuring me and giving me hope in the future. Because of them my morale was much better, which was reflected on my response to medication. Thanks be to God and to them, my condition was improving quickly, and I knew that with determination and perseverance nothing was impossible. When I started the High school certificate year I said to myself that as I was able to defeat cancer, I will hold  to my determination of scoring high grades. I exerted utmost efforts while being confident in my desire and perseverance in achieving my dream.

I am dreaming of joining the faculty of dentistry to become a dentist and treat 57357’s children, reveals Omar.

During my treatment phase I used to follow up on my teeth in 57357-Cairo. I admired the doctor and the latest equipment he was using, and I wished to become like him: a dentist in 57357 treating children and caring about their health just as he did with me. I wonder what I would have done without 57357, they encouraged me and gave me hope to achieve my dreams.  Thank you to all the doctors and nurses who helped me and my family to surmount the ordeal!

Our congratulations to Omar and the other 6 heroes in Tanta branch who successfully passed high school exams: Nermin Farag 92% Nihal Yousef 90%, Salma Abdel Halim 87%, Dina Abdel Hamid 84%, Inas Fawzi 72.8% and Fatema Ahmed 60%.