His monthly donation and those of a number of his friends were the seed money that developed into the establishment of 57357. This donation or Sadaka to 57357 is kept on-going even after his passing. The Eminent Sheikh will never be forgotten. His picture is forever engraved in our hearts. “If you come across a needy person in the land of Muslims, know that it is because a rich person stole his money” a well-known saying by the late Sheikh Sha’rawy.

Sheikh Sha’rawy was much loved and appreciated by all Egyptians because of his loving compassion, simplicity, wisdom, and insightful preaching. He is the initiator of a special school of thought and Koranic interpretation which inspired students around the globe. He was assigned the Ministry of Awkaf back in the seventies. He travelled around the world, preaching God and highlighting the tolerance and moderation aspects of Islam. He also gave numerous lectures in Europe and in the U.S. concerning issues and challenges facing Islamic communities and Economics in Islamic thought. Sheikh Sha’rawy was also known for his charitable giving: he spent his money in support of his home village peers and built for them premises for learning, orphans, and healthcare.

Sheikh Sha’rawy and the establishment of Hospital 57357

Back at the end of the eighties, lack of resources for pediatric oncology specialization at the National Cancer Institute were such that 13 out of the 16 children with cancer in the single ward for children died in one day. This happened on a Tuesday. The responsible physician for the ward was so shocked and hopeless that he thought of quitting Medicine all together. As he left the Institute that day, he remembered that Sheikh Sha’rawy had the habit of lunching at Abou Shakra restaurant nearby every Tuesday. He went to the restaurant and found him in the company of three of his friends, prominent businessmen and figures of the society, Abdallah Sallam, Ahmed Abou Shakra, and Ahmed Abdallah Teama. He shared with them his ordeal. Each one of them promised to donate a monthly sum to renovate the children’s ward and buy the necessary tools. This was the starting point for improving conditions for Egypt’s children with cancer. Soon enough in 1991, the children’s section included 120 beds and survival rates started rising.

Sheikh Sha’rawy’s monthly donation never stopped neither did his friends’ donations. Moreover, more businessmen pitched in in support of the Institute. More support and increased donations made it possible to think of building a Hospital only for children with cancer. the seed
Money of Sheikh Sha’rawy and his friends generated much goodness and charitable giving and developed into the largest pediatric oncology Hospital in the world.
Despite the passing of the Sheikh and his friends, their donations are on-going till this date. The Hospital will always remember them with much gratitude.