Every year on February 15th world efforts gets united to raise childhood cancer awareness, support  children and their families battling cancer and  the importance  importance of offering up to date treatment to all diseased children in the world

The International Childhood Cancer Day campaign is determined to decrease the gap  in survival rates of children in low and middle-income countries (80% deaths) in comparison to developed nations (80% survival)

At the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, we strive to offer our children with cancer the best possible treatment free of charge through continuous improvement of services by developing clinical pharmacy and laboratory services, the acquisition of latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, and the observance and maintenance of world’s best practices and quality standards as we are getting ready for the renewal of the Joint Commission International, JCI accreditation certificate.

The WHO statistics stated 12 types of cancer threatening children where the most common are leukemia and brain cancer due to high pollution rate, absence of advanced healthcare, lack of awareness and delay in discovering the disease.

With the progression of cancer treatment in developed countries survival rates was raised to 80%. At Hospital 57357, where the average over-all survival rate is presently around 74% , we are pursuing to reach the 80-85% over-all survival. For this, we constantly pursue to apply latest international treatment protocols, offer latest diagnosis and treatment equipment and apply international quality standards of care. At 57357, we are also keen to improve treatment services provision through offering continuous training and educational programs to staff and management.