The Union for International Cancer Control, UICC, marks the world cancer day to raise international awareness of cancer by spreading out protection and early detection methods. Cancer is considered one of the biggest health problems and one of the most important death causes internationally. 40% of cancer cases can be avoided by:-

  1. Offering safe unpolluted environment for children
  2. Practicing physical activities, following balanced healthy diet that contains low calories and avoiding high cholesterol food
  3. Awareness of vaccinations against viruses for diseases such as hepatitis
  4. Avoiding direct exposure to sun rays

Hospital 57357 is committed to its mission of providing free quality care to children with cancer, enlarging it to include the protection of the society from cancer causes and spreading awareness about prevention methods.

The Hospital is implementing a campaign titled “home without cancer” through which it releases awareness booklets about healthy living habits to avoid different types of cancer as well as prevention methods. The campaign also includes the diffusion of ads through different media channels, and the provision of awareness lectures by an awareness team. In addition the awareness team is managing the campaign’s website “” that includes all required information about cancer, its causes, protection methods, healthy foods and hygiene instructions.

Thanks be to God, 57357 has so far  reached an average over-all survival rate of 73.4% and is working hard to achieve world rates. Nevertheless, the diffusion of prevention methods remains an important tool to overcome the disease.

On the occasion of world cancer day, Hospital 57357 invites the general public to follow prevention methods and to join forces to support cancer patients.