I have been to many hospitals around the world and this is one of the best experiences I have had
Yesterday we received the visit of the special assistant to the mayor of Houston, Texas, U.S, Mr. Matthew Shailer. Few years back, Shailer had attended a fundraiser in favor of Hospital 57357 organized by Egypt Cancer Network and one of the top medical centers in the U.S., the Texas Medical Center which according to Shailer “would not be what it is today without the contributions of American Physicians of Egyptian descent” . That is why Shailer was keen to put 57357 on the itinerary of his visit to Egypt which aims at growing ties with the country as a whole and the twining of Houston with an Egyptian city, possibly Alexandria.
“It was important to me for my first visit to Egypt to pay homage to the work you do here in the Hospital…. and seeing the lives you are touching and the difference you are making, I leave with a full heart, very impressed by what I have seen here …the facilities, the doctors, the people behind desks in offices, ……everyone working here is united in their mission” said Shailer at the end of his tour of the premises.
“You walk in the corridors and you see children with smiling happy faces although they are dealing with the worst circumstances…Somehow here in this place it is quite magical” noted Shailer. At the end of his tour, the special assistant to the mayor of Houston affirms that he looks forward to continue the cooperation with Hospital 57357 and Egypt Cancer network U.S. within the framework of the strengthening of ties between Houston and Egypt. Confident of the significant difference Hospital 57357 is making in the lives of Egyptian children with cancer, he looks forward to doing his part to support the Hospital’s mission.

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