To all ECN U.S donors, chapter leaders and board members,
With the up-coming festivities of the Eid El kebir, we want to
Thank you for your constant presence and support all through the year.

We are humbled by your compassion and your encouragement.
Because of your contributions, this Eid celebration is a special one at 57357:
We have so much to rejoice over: the launch of construction the new capacity and program expansion of Hospital 57357 to enable it to take in 85 to 90% of annual pediatric cancer cases in Egypt. The excellent quality performance score of the Hospital attested by the JCI accreditation , the successful carry-on of the joint 57357/Dana Farber Boston Children’s pediatric oncology fellowship program with a second group of to be fellows just returning back from their training in Boston and the selection of the third group joining the program, the sponsorship of training of 57357’s young researchers who will be the backbone for turning 57357 into a world leader in pediatric oncology research
We are confident that together we can uphold the vision of 57357’s cancer-free childhood for Egypt’s children
Help us to hold on to the vision…..

We know that you are always ready to help us grow and move forward.

To all of you who wish to see that every Egyptian cancer patient has access to the best quality healthcare:
Help us fight for that cause…..
We wish you a Blessed and Happy Eid