Our sponsored organizations were selected based on their impact on cancer care, education, research and advocacy. In addition they must be caring, not only with patients, but also with their employees.

They must connect to their communities including environmental awareness and outreach locally and abroad. And they have to display vision, an ability to imagine the future and make it happen. We hold all our partners accountable for financial transparency and tracking of results, which are highlighted in our annual report

Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt (CCHE) 57357

Charitable Pediatric Cancer Care

CCHE 57357 is the largest freestanding pediatric cancer hospital in the world. It was built and is being sustained completely by private donations. In operation since July 2007, it has quickly become recognized as a leader in providing a new level of quality healthcare in Egypt where are all children are treated free of charge without discrimination to race, creed or ability to pay. Since beginning in 2007, CCHE 57357 has firmly established itself as an institution that is in the pursuit of excellence, innovation, quality and is a model of change in healthcare management, healthcare education and healthcare delivery in Egypt and the developing world.

After four years of operation, CCHE 57357 can already boast a number of accomplishments

  • 1st specialized department of psychosocial oncology in Egypt
  • 1st child life and school program in Egypt for hospitalized children
  • 1st comprehensive physiotherapy department for oncology patients in Egypt
  • 1st PET/CT scan in Egypt and cyclotron
  • 1st fully digitized hospital in Egypt, including medical records ( better than 95% of U.S hospitals)
  • 1st Research department in Egypt with an internal review board, scientific medical advisory committee, central research and protocol monitoring office as well as 20 healthcare professionals who have developed into a new role of clinical research associate
  • 1st in Egypt to offer intensive continuing education program for staff
  • 79% 5 -year survival rate (compared to Egypt’s overall 40%)

Despite being the largest freestanding pediatric cancer hospital in the world, Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357 is already at 99% capacity. With their 187 beds, they can serve only 25% Egyptian children in need. Egypt Cancer Network is helping CCHE 57357 to expand. The benefits will be great …

The majority of Egyptian children with Cancer will receive treatment at CCHE 57357 a regional center of excellence. An estimated 5000 people of all skill levels (primary youth) will be employed in the construction for all relevant work during the construction and equipping phase. More than 2000 healthcare professional will be hired and trained for the new expansion

U.S. Teaching Hospitals

Education and Training in Pediatric Oncology Fellowships

Led by physicians at Harvard Medical School’s affiliated hospitals, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital Boston, our Medical Advisory Committee is developing unique 3- year pediatric oncology fellowships for CCHE physicians, nurses, pharmacists & researcher.

These training offer U.S. rotations and visiting scholars to Cairo. A new generation of better-trained healthcare professionals who will be able to bring world class healthcare to children with cancer throughout the region.

There will be a decrease in brain drain (Egyptian physicians remaining in the U.S. to work)

Cancer care for children in Egypt will improve. And CCHE 57357 will become a regional training center for the middle east and north Africa

Association of friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative (AFNCI)

Formally registered in 1998, AFNCI (Association of friends of the National Cancer Institute) is an advocacy group that initially dedicated its efforts to raising funds for Egypt’s National Cancer Institute and the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt-57357. Their development approach, modeled off U.S. non-profits’ community involvement, was unique for the Middle East and Northern Africa. The Year 2015 brought along a new positioning, a widened scope of action, a new mission, and new challenges for the 18 year old charitable non-profit Association, which retained its abbreviated title while becoming the Association of friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative. Since 2015, the Association assumes a broadened national role in raising the levels of cancer cure, comprehensive healthcare, and education and institutional philanthropy through establishing and supporting varied strategic initiatives and sustainability projects that focus presently on the following:

1- Participating in supporting a national initiative for the eradication of viruses B and C through the facilitation and sponsorship of a nation-wide screening program.

2- Spreading awareness among Egypt’s school students about cancer causes and prevention methods through the distribution of school bags that include awareness booklets, school supplies, and a healthy meal to students in the most needy areas throughout the country.

3 Supporting the implementation of clinical pharmacy programs in Egypt’s public and ministry of Health Hospitals. This was already carried out in the cancer center of the coastal town Ismailia and being worked out for Ahmed Maher and Matareya hospitals in Cairo.