Passant’s mother: in 57357, we found angels who did not just treat my daughter and restored her smile, but they also helped me overcome the ordeal and gave me hope in her recovery.

In 57357, psychological care is as important as physical care, as it affects the child’s response to treatment. In 57357, our children as well as their families do receive psychological care. The story started when Passant hit her arm and had to put it in a cast. She then suffered from such acute pain that her physician requested a tumor test. The doctor told her mother that she had cancer, and they immediately headed to 57357 where she was admitted.

Pediatric oncology Consultant, Dr. Eman Sedhom met them, and reassured the mother that her daughter’s condition was not hopeless. When diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, it was a shock for the mother and for Passant who stopped talking for two weeks. Passant’s mother said, for a complete month I refused to believe that my daughter had cancer. I was traumatized and the Hospital’s psychiatrists treated me. I received support from everyone, physicians, nurses, psychologists and social workers, especially from Dr. Sedhom, may God bless her. She talked with me and calmed me down. They assured me that her disease is curable, and that her hair, which had started to fall, would grow again. Passant was very sad, and her laughter disappeared, but the specialists as Dr. Sedhom and the nurse Ms. Warda never gave up encouraging my daughter. They used to follow up with me and call us when we go home.

After a month and half of treatment, thanks to their psychological care, Passant started getting better, and got familiar with the place. When we returned home, Passant restored her normal life and I felt that my daughter was back to her routine.

Passant was getting better gradually, Dr. Sedhom used to talk with her to encourage her to fight back the disease. “I want to be able to put your picture on the wall that carries many survivors’ pictures” she used to often tell her.” A year and half later, Passant completed her chemotherapy doses and I heard the best news ever,” reveals Passant’s mother. After going through x-rays and blood tests, we met with Dr. Sedhom who announced the good news of her recovery, thanks to God and the excellent care and support she received at 57357. “Now she will be going through a new phase: the follow up phase,” said Dr. Sedhom.

Passant’s mother says that Passant loves the Hospital, and that she feels happy when they come for follow up. She tries to support her peers who are still undergoing treatment. She makes crochet hats as presents to them. She restored her passion for life, and acts like all girls of her age. Today, Passant’s pretty smile is always on her face, thanks be to God and to you, she has defeated cancer.

In 57357 we give much attention to the children’s psychological condition, as it is a major factor in their treatment and healing. Psychological treatment goes side by side with medical treatment as it helps children overcome the side effects of the long lasting treatment. The children’s psychological wellbeing contributes to achieving their dreams of recovery, God Willing.

In 57357, our children are our most precious concern; all Hospital staff are committed to exerting their utmost effort in support of the children during their battle to overcome cancer.