“I learned a new lesson about what patience and persistence can bring forth during my treatment journey at CCHE57357”, says Norhan Mohamed, our new survivor

In 2016 Norhan’s regular pediatrician couldn’t give an accurate diagnosis of her illness as she suffered an enlarged lymph node in her left arm and suggested her referral to CCHE57357. Her family had to travel 1o3kilometers from their hometown El- Sharkia governorate to CCHE57357 Cairo branch where the treatment journey of their daughter started.

After her lab results confirmed her diagnosis of a solid tumor in her left arm, Norhan was admitted to the hospital when came her turn and she was assigned a patient code on Cerner’s electronic medical filling system of CCHE57357.

The primary consultant of pediatric oncology assigned to her case set a treatment plan that consisted of 17 chemotherapy cycles and a month of radiotherapy sessions.

Being away from home and schoolmates due to the long periods of hospitalization were among the reasons that caused Norhan to start to lose patience due to some physical side effects of chemotherapy treatment as hair falling out and the loss of appetite. During the whole period Norhan developed a great deal of social ties with the friendly daycare unit nursing team members and  the art therapy workshop caretakers who helped her go peacefully through the tough times of hospitalization. Due to her immunocompromised condition, she couldn’t do the final exams of the school year with her schoolmates but instead took her tests while being hospitalized.  Every year, hundreds of patients are permitted to do their academic exams at the CCHE57357 premises and are able to continue their treatment plan without hindering their academic life.  After nearly one year of medical care, chemo, and radiotherapy doses, Norhan’s lab results showed her recovery from cancer and her readiness to start a new chapter as a survivor.