Rahma, a five year old girl from Al Sharkia Governorate, has overcome cancer and is starting the follow-up phase of the treatment thanks to quality care, both physical and psychological,l she receives at the hands of a vigilant and advanced team of professionals. Chatting with her father, he shared the story of his daughter’s ordeal: 
“Since our first visit to the Hospital, we felt that each member of the treating team was not just doing his job but committed to the mission the Hospital is set out to accomplish. We were admitted in October 2017 and in just one year, she completed the treatment sessions and was starting the follow-up phase. My daughter was given another chance at life by a team of professionals who were committed to taking excellent care of her.
Rahma was very tired when she was admitted to the Hospital. She suffered from severe pains in her leg that made her walk with difficulty. After seeing many doctors and going through several tests, they all confirmed that she was hit by cancer. One of my friends advised me to seek help at Hospital 57357. I knew they had long waiting lists and I feared they would not take her in. Thank god, we did not have to wait long before our turn came to be admitted. Dr. Mohamed Sedki, pediatric oncology consultant who was assigned to her case, reassured us and gave us hope in her recovery. She underwent several tests which revealed she was suffering from a LCH tumor. Only three days after being admitted, Rahma underwent surgery to remove the tumor in her thigh and soon afterwards she started chemotherapy sessions. She was getting better day by day. Our nightmare was slowly but surely fading away thanks to the care of the treating team who was following up on Rahma day in and day out to make sure she was following diligently the instructions of her physician. Now after Rahma has completed the treatment phase and is starting the follow-up stage, our daily lives are back to normal and happiness for her recovery is filling the air, Rahma is once again playing care freely with her siblings and her friends.

Hearing what her father was sharing with us concerning her treatment journey, Rahma felt the need to clarify that she loved coming to the Hospital to receive her treatment: she was always looking forward to seeing and playing with her friends in 57357’s garden and spending time at the art workshop with Miss Amani and miss Samar as well as Mr. Ayman the photographer who takes lovely pictures of her. About her dreams and hopes for the future, Rahma wants to be a dentist and is planning on setting up a poultry farm to play with the chicken.
With your support, we can instill hope in recovery in the hearts of many more children like Rahma and restore happiness to their shattered homes.
Our best wishes for a speedy recovery and a happy new year to all our patients and heartfelt gratitude to all our donors and supporters