Rehab’s mother: nobody should ever think that there is favoritism in 57357. We are a modest family from outside Cairo, and we were admitted right away and my daughter is receiving treatment and is getting better, God Willing.

My name is Rehab. I am 7 years old and in first year primary school level. I come from Al Wassety in Minya Governorate. I was admitted in 57357 at the start of January. I am being treated from Leukemia and God Willing I will overcome it.

I love the Hospital, Carawan and Mrs Amani, they taught me how to color and draw, and I prepared a nice card for my mother to give it to her on the mother’s day. I love uncle Usama because he took a nice picture for me so that my mother would store it on her cell phone. I also intend to give my mother one of my dolls as a gift.

You love your mama very much, don’t you?  Rehab replies: I love her so  much,  she is always beside me: she stays with me in the Hospital,  plays with me, moreover she makes the best koshari in the world!

Rehab’s mother: the best gift I could ever receive is my daughter’s healing.

Rehab’s mother shares the story of her daughter’s illness: Rehab got fever and vomiting, we went to many doctors who prescribed a variety of medications, but she would still relapse. Later, she got more sick and was unable to walk because of pain in her legs. One of the doctors asked for a blood test and found that she hadleukemia. The doctor advised us to go to 57357. At first,  we were afraid of being turned away as we have been hearing that to be admitted in 57357  required connections. We decided to try for the sake of our daughter’s life. We came to the clinic and we were placed on a waiting list;  they took her papers and said that they would call us in a week. After a week, they called and we came to meet Dr. Iman Ateya who reassured us and said that there is hope for Rehab to be cured, GodWilling.

Since then and after Rehab took the first dose, she started getting better, and she got back her pretty smile. She made many friends in the Hospital and used to draw and color in the art workshop. After my experience with 57357, where they treat our children as if they were their own, I am able to counteract the rumors that say that there is favoritism in 57357. we were admitted in our turn and our daughter is receiving the best possible care and treatment. I pray to God to bless those angels who work for 57357, as well as every donor and contributor to the treatment journey of the children. This is my message to each and every donor: your donations aresaving lives and alleviating the suffering of so many families.

In 57357, children are the core of our attention; we exert utmost efforts to guide them to safety. Relying on research and education, we will achieve our dreams and reach world cure rates.

Since the best gift for every mother in 57357 is to witness the recovery of her child, your donation will help us satisfy many mothers’ wishes.