He has a vision for the future, and he supports the most important quality control program in Hospital 57357

Hospital 57357 congratulates the young Egyptian businessman Reyad Armanious, the Executive Director of Eva Pharma Company, for being selected as the only Egyptian on the international economic forum list of the most important 100 leaders under the age of 40.

Armanious is a successful economic figure that deserves international recognition, as he was able, within few years, to convert his family owned company into one of the most important and fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the Middle East and North Africa.

Armanious is one of the main supporters of Hospital 57357. His vision for a bright future rests on education and quality management. Having such a vision, he was prompt to support the health care quality management and patient safety program offered by the 57357 Healthcare and Sciences Academy in collaboration with the Joint Commission International accreditation organization, JCI.

Armanious was the sponsor of the first cohort of the abovementioned program that graduated last month, contributing to enhancing the quality of healthcare services to all patients.