Overwhelmed with gratitude, Rodayna’s mom delivers a personal testimonial in favor of the Hospital

Watch Rodayna in the art therapy room painting her life with colors of joy

Rodayna is a beautiful three and a half year old girl, the youngest of 4 siblings whose father is an employee and her mother a housewife.

Her ordeal starts when one day her mother discovers she is bleeding heavily when she urinates. They rushed to the physician who after running X rays and tests, discovered a tumor and a deterioration in one of her kidneys. He recommended that she would be taken rapidly to Hospital 57357

First encounter of Rodayna with the Hospital:

Her parents receive an admission number and are told to wait for a call from the hospital. The Next day they are asked to bring along Rodayna and to complete her admission process so as to start receiving treatment. Upon admission, Rodayna is subjected to further tests and the surgeon asked that she would be prepared to undergo surgery for the removal of the tumor and the kidney the following day .Later, he explained that there was a fear from complications threatening Rodayna’s life. Hence, the need to intervene rapidly to remove the tumor and the kidney.

Today, I meet Rodayna in the art therapy room two weeks after her surgery. She is a merry carefree little girl laughing, playing and immersing herself in coloring. Her mom is sitting beside her happy, relaxed and comforted. Her father explains that at 57357, they also take good care of the patient’s family. With compassion, they try as much as they can to ease their fears and to comfort them. But most importantly they take excellent care of the children as though they were their own.” God bless all the Hospital staff who provide our children with the best quality care that you find in the best world cancer centers”, exclaimed Rodayna’s father.

Rodayna’s mother is full of gratitude for 57357

And her mother to add that all skeptic remarks and negative feedback they sometimes received concerning the Hospital has proven wrong the minute they stepped into the healthcare center. The cleanliness, the quality care, the devotion and compassion of professionals, the advanced technology, the interaction with parents with respect for their condition and dignity are all aspects of the comprehensive care they provide their patients free of charge. She meant to share with me that she was keen to discredit all the deliverers of rumors through inviting them to come and visit her daughter at 57357 which saved her life. Finally she wondered how people from modest background would have felt lost and helpless, if Hospital 57357 did not exist. She praised all those who established the Hospital and the donors who are sustaining it.

Rodayna’s story is one of so many stories of children with cancer who deserve to receive the best care and treatment. Thanks to all your contributions and efforts, we are enable d to provide them with top quality care which is resulting in an average cure rate of 73.8%. Our pledge to you today is to reach the 80% before the end of this year 2016(God Willing)