At this time five years ago, in October 2005, a 40-day old baby named Sagdah was admitted to the patient care ward at CCHE 57357.

At the tender age of just 25 days, Sagdah and her mother left their native country of Libya on a harrowing journey to Egypt. What they sought was a cure for Sagdah’s ailments from a disease they could not specify, which included an inflated belly, kidney failure and perpetual vomiting. Upon arrival, Sagdah’s mother found that no hospital would accept them, with one hospital attendant going so far as to say, “we will not accept a patient who is just going to die”.

This, said Sagdah’s mother, did not waver her faith. Upon seeking the help of private clinics, she was told about Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE).

Upon arrival at CCHE, Sagdah was accepted right away despite the fact that she was not Egyptian and despite the low hospital capacity for patients at the time. Sagdah’s mother soon realized that Sagdah was receiving the best possible care in the safe hands of CCHE’s doctors and staff.

While at CCHE Sagdah was supported by Ms. Azzah, the social worker, and was invited to stay in the on-site guest house since their arrival. Sagdah was provided with milk, diapers, medicines and treatment, all free of charge.

Sagdah’s road to recovery was not easy, though. It was determined by CCHE doctors that Sagdah had a large tumor growing between her bladder and her rectum, which was the source of the kidney failure. After several doses of chemotherapy Sagdah was able to function normally, and after over 9 months of continual chemotherapy, Sagdah’s tumor essentially disappeared.

As of her fifth birthday, on September 9th, 2012, young Sagdah was cured of her tumor and was only awaiting surgery to remove the remnants of the disease which almost took away her precious life. Thanks to the efforts of the physicians and staff at CCHE, Sagdah was not only given a second chance at life, but her family was also given the chance to enjoy their daughter. She celebrated her fifth birthday and her new, cancer-free existence in the auditorium with her friends and many supporters.