Salwa’s mother: 57357 saved my only daughter’s life, this Hospital is a blessing for us and for our children

Salwa’s mother spoke to us about her daughter’s healing journey, we are from Bani Swaif, and Salwa is my only girl with 4 brothers. I always wished to have a girl, and I was so happy when she was borne. She was 5 years old when she got pains in her leg, and it increased until she was unable to walk. We took her to a doctor and I was shocked when they told me that she had cancer, all I wished for at that time was someone to tell me that my daughter will survive. I was panicking as we were referred to 5735. We came and met doctor Omar Shawki. After tests and x-rays they told us she had cancer in the pelvic bones. The doctor reassured me saying that she can be cured, and we will start by chemotherapy. After the first dose, Salwa started getting better. She gradually got better and started laughing again. We finished chemo and radiotherapy, and her final tests showed that she is fine. Now we have been following up for a year, and thanks be to God she is fine,

Salwa’s mother pursued saying: they didn’t just treat my daughter, they have malty specialties clinics to cater to the the child’s medical needs other than cancer

I cannot find words to describe the Hospital, its doctors and nurses who were a life line for me. Thanks be to God, they saved my daughter’s life by providing world quality care for free. Even when her teeth and gums were affected by chemotherapy, they treated her in the Hospital’s dental clinic. They have clinics for all specialties, I didn’t have to worry about my daughter’s healing journey. They follow up on her condition as if she was their own daughter. 57357 is a great blessing, we should support it and help them as much as we can so that they can help saving more children.

Salwa: I am saving my allowance to buy my mother a gift on mothers’ day

I love my mother a lot, she is dedicated to fighting the battle with me, she brings me to the Hospital and cooks the food I like. I am going to surprise her when I save my allowance to buy her a scarf for mothers’ day. I wish to become a dentist when I grow up, to become like Dr. Mohamed who treated me and used to tell me that I was a brave girl who does not fear dentists. He gave me a nice picture as a gift. I also love uncle Ayman who shot pictures for me with my mother and my friend Roa. I like 57357 and pray for healing for all of my friends there.

Our 57357 heroes are not only the children, but also their mothers who are fighting the battle alongside their children and follow strictly doctors’ instructions to lead their children to the shores of cure. May God preserve all mothers and bring healing to 57357’s children.