ECN’s accountant, CPA Sameh William, paid a visit to Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CHHE) earlier this August. Since arriving in the United States in 2005, William has spent the past seven years working as an accountant for Shenouda and Associates, an accounting firm based in Los Angeles. ECN hired Shenouda and Associates in April of 2012 to manage our booking and accounting.

The visit to CCHE was the first for Mr. William and his wife, who left Egypt the same year that they arrived in the United States. At the time, CCHE was still in its construction phase and was not yet functional. On this annual visit back to Cairo, the Williams’ decided that it was prime time to visit this highly-acclaimed pediatric oncology centre that ECN has such a strong relationship with, particularly in lieu of Mr. William’s new capacity as ECN accountant.

During the visit Mr. William, his family and his guests were particularly impressed with the technical superiority of the hospital as well as the professionalism and passion of the staff and administration; they were also in awe of the functional and aesthetically appealing architectural design of the hospital. Hospital staff pointed out that CCHE had reached 100% occupancy soon after opening in 2007 and elaborated on the rapidly increasing demand for the services that CCHE provides, including free treatment for all that they have the capacity to treat, high-quality care services and an environment that builds on hope, faith and life.

The Williams’ expressed their pride and support for ECN’s mission and vowed to spread the word about ECN’s revolutionary initiatives, including CCHE. Their visit reiterates that ECN is not just a group of employees, but rather a team of passionate, committed advocates for our mission, goals and partners. ECN is an organization that makes its employees proud.