“We are aiming at leveraging technology to maximize patient safety &satisfaction standards while ensuring accurate medication control”, explains Dr. Akram Elzainy, supply chain supervisor at the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, for the reason behind acquiring the newly adopted technology ( Bd ROWA Vmax) that is supported by Egypt cancer network U.S.

The Rowa Bd Vmax is the first automated device of its kind in Egypt that fulfills patient safety& satisfaction criteria along with its function in supporting the supply chain control system at the hospital.

The digital dispensing machine has been designed with specific features (dimensions and internal divisions) that suit the place of installation and the uses, enabling the hospital to achieve maximum standard of patient safety. The dispensing machine delivers the accurate dose as prescribed by the physician through accessing the patient’s computerized file saved on Cerner.  It has also the advantage of offering the right conditions to preserve the medications stored inside it with the ability to signaling the expiry dates of all stored medications, to provide digital labeling and avoid the possible human errors with optimum medication dispensing.

Moreover, the use of the newly adopted system has also shrunk the steps of dispensing medications, maximizing patient satisfaction.

On the other hand, using the electronic pharmacy has proven its effectiveness in controlling the stock of medications supply avoiding discrepancies due to human error.