Sparkling stars hold our gaze, they both inspire us and illuminate a path for us to follow. Last month, a number of stars descended on Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357. All dedicated their time, financial and intellectual resources as well as enthusiasm, ideas and ongoing support to help the true Rock Stars, the patients at Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357.

  • Kuwaiti Ambassador Rashid Al Hammad and Media figure Aisha Al Yahie
  • World renowned Harvard pediatric physician specialists from Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital Boston
  • The Spouse of the Prime Minister of First Turkey, Mrs. Emine Erdo?an, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish Ambassador
  • Women leaders representing the Asian Embassies in Egypt (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Manila, Philippines, Brunei) led by the Ambassador of Thailand’s wife, Mrs. Jittima Manityhul.
  • Bob Bradley, manager of the Egypt national football team.
  • Zamalek Soccer Team

Such stardom brings awareness of the good work being done at Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357. The Hospital has also become a source of inspiration for authors and filmmakers as it reaches the hearts and minds of the Egyptian people.

  • The recent Egyptian movie “Tek Tek Boom” by Mohammed Saad evokes Hospital 57357, depicting true stories about the hospital’s raid during the Revolution. It shares stories of how, in the absence of police, the local citizens banded together to protect the children, equipment and buildings. The hospital now stands as a reminder of the courage and magnanimity of Egyptians as the neighborhood stood firm next to the hospital staff in strength and unity.
  • In the Egyptian TV series “Khatem Soliman”, a father whose daughter is recently diagnosed with cancer expresses hope that will be admitted to one of the Private “health insurance” hospitals, but his friend is quick to advise him to go immediately to Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357.
  • In the Egyptian TV series “Nour Mariam” someone asks the heroine what will she do with the huge money that she inherited. She responds saying that she wishes to build a great hospital like the CCHE 57357.
  • In the Egyptian movie “Shahir, Baheer, and Samir ” when Miss Egypt is asked what she will do with the prize money, she answers that she will give it all to Hospital 57357.