ECN has always been far-sighted in supporting initiatives that would enhance the “learning and sharing” culture within the 57357 Institution, and contribute to the development of professional skills in the oncology and healthcare fields in Egypt.

  1. Sponsoring the participation of Egyptian healthcare and fundraising professionals in international conferences and training. Examples for this kind of valuable support which result in increased exposure and expertise include but is not limited to: the travel to Canada of pediatric cancer surgeon Dr. Gehad Taha, the travel of E-learning Expert Dr. Rasha Samaha to attend the Devlearn Expo and Educational Conference in Las Vegas, USA,… Media Specialists , Mohamed Hesham, Ayman Ibrahim, Mohamed Nagd, and Salma Alibrash to Abu Dhabi’s New York Film Academy ….. Head of Research department, Shahenda El Naggar to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, IT Operations Director Eng. Ayman Ibrahim and Pediatric Oncology Registrar Dr. Claudia Mousa, to attend the Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, the participation of 57357 professionals in the SIOP conference in October 2017 and June 2018.
  2. Sponsoring the 57357/ Dana Farber Boston Children’s fellowship training program: travel and stay of U.S teaching experts and physicians to Cairo, travel and stay of Fellows to complete their part of the training in the U.S.
  3. The program is designed to teach its fellows the essentials of patient care, performing research in oncology through collaboration with faculty members and mentors while also strengthening the relationship between the American and Egyptian pediatric oncology communities. Through this highly customized program, fellows are trained to engage in improving the performance of their own health systems, adapting knowledge to specific contexts, while integrating global findings in an increasingly interdependent world.

  4. Sponsoring the three week internship program at Hospital 57357 of two Harvard University Master’s degree students in public health. This internship program is one aspect of the collaboration between 57357 and Dana Farber Boston Children’s (DFBC) within the framework of the latter’s Global Health Initiative. The Global Health Initiative (GHI) at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s (teaching affiliates of Harvard Medical School) centers on developing outreach initiatives that improve outcomes and survival rates for children with cancer and blood disorders worldwide.
  5. Supporting symposiums and conferences inside Egypt such as the one on Brain tumor surgery and treatment in 2015 which featured experts from Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children’s, both affiliates of Harvard University.
  6. Sponsoring 57357’s blended learning program and E-learning program to enhance skills and competencies of 57357’s staff.
  7. Through its support to 57357 Foundation training courses, ECN is participating in the sponsorship of APIC (infection control and prevention and JCI (quality) courses made available not only to 57357 staff but also to all healthcare professionals of Egypt’s public Sector, Army, and universities Hospitals. Recently, ECN contributed to the support of the International Pharmacy Practice Residency program accredited by the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists ASHP and the Pharm D, Colorado University program.
  8. One of the latest ECN achievements in 2019 is the sponsorship of 57357’s “Open Sesame” training program aiming to improve staff skills and enhance their performance. The program which combines traditional and on-line training is equipped with one of the biggest electronic libraries in the Arab world where it can provide 4500 training courses that cover 33 types of skills in both Arabic and English language.
  9. Another ECN accomplishment within the E-learning field is its support to 57357’s subscription to the Articulate 360 Teams, a simple-to-use e-learning development tool for the development of E-learning courses.