Through the framework of ECN, U.S. vision, which aspires to giving the opportunity for cure and the highest quality of life to all Egyptian cancer patients, the network is committed to the provision of necessary resources to support cancer research and scientific advancement in Egypt.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt which is one of the organizations ECN is supporting has the mandate to lead in the development of a new system of research practice in the region out of the firm conviction that carrying out research in medical and non-medical areas of Hospital operations is a pre-requisite to progress in achieving cure and a better future for Egypt’s children with cancer. It was only natural then, that ECN, U.S. would encourage and stand by 57357’s commitment to research studies.

ECN members realize and appreciate the fact that Hospital 57357 has reached such a position and magnitude (being the largest and busiest up to date pediatric oncology Hospital in the world), that compels it-out of moral responsibility and not only by choice-to share with the rest of the world the valuable knowledge and findings it acquires about the disease within a significantly shorter time span.

As such, at the end of 2016, ECN shared with ECN Canada in sponsoring the purchase of the AB SCIEX Triple TOF 5600, first precision equipment of its kind in Egypt used in research and therapeutic drug monitoring. “This machine will change the scope of research in the fields of proteomics, and pharmacy in Egypt and the Middle East in such a way as to enhance prognosis, treatment, and drug delivery and monitoring for the child with cancer” reveals 57357’s researcher Dr. Ahmed Sayed. Moreover, ECN U.S. is committed to also sponsor the cost of reagents needed for the usage of this equipment.

In 2018 ECN U.S. provided for 57357’s acquisition of the latest generation genomic sequencer and Micro-array equipment.

Sequencing the genome is an important step towards understanding it, helping scientists to find genes much more easily and quickly. Moreover studying the entire genome sequence will help them understand how genes connect together to draw the path of development and maintenance of an entire organism. With these two equipment, 57357 would be able to screen its Leukemia patients for genetic mutations associated with the disease, and use this information to decide which treatments might benefit them most by targeting the mutant genes. Also, it would be enabled to examine Human Leukocytes Antigen types to detect cancer predisposition in patients and rapidly check for suitability matches.

Also, ECN U.S. is funding two research projects in Hospital 57357:

  • The first study is about the genetic identification of bacteria inside Hospital 57357 which is resistant to antibiotics so as to control the spread of these bacteria and ultimately overcome it.
  • The second study deals with the epigenetic analysis of pediatric brain tumors which is more precise and effective in screening and treating the different subtypes of brain tumors in children with cancer.