Ahmed: “In 57357 I learned to forget my sickness but never to forget my dreams”

I am Ahmed Hamdi, 14 years old, student at Ezz Al-Arab School in Al-Omraneya. I love football and am a big fan of Messi. I formed a team with my friends, within which I used to maneuver like Abdulla Saad. I wish to become like Mohammed Salah because he has good ethics.

Last August, I was diagnosed with cancer in my pelvis and was admitted in Hospital 57357. My family was sad, as I am the youngest of my siblings…. they are always spoiling me.At the beginning I was sick and sad, but later on I grew to love the Hospital. It is a nice place where, beside medications and injections, there is a nice library, a big garden, and an art workshop. Moreover, there are kind-hearted doctors and Miss Amira who spoils me just as my parents and brothers do. I always felt happy when I received a phone call from my friends to tell me about our football team and I in turn told them about 57357.

After I finished the first phase of my treatment, I wanted to play football as I used to, but I could not. 57357’s doctors encouraged me to be strong and suggested I would find myself anotherhobby until I finish my treatment. I started going to the Hospital’s library. I chose a book and started reading and since then  I loved reading but was still attached to football. I remembered my physicians’ words and I started to read about football. I decided to know everything about its history, rules, secrets and stars. When I returned home the first time after starting treatment, I called my friends, and we were gathered to play a game. This time I was not one of the players, I was the referee. I am not sad any more and feel stronger. I forgot about my illness.