Remember Tarek, the 57357 Tanta branch patient whose smile and high spirits were performing miracles. Tarek is from Banha. His father is an engineer and his mother a school teacher. He is 10 years old and has three siblings Tarek has a brain tumor and was admitted in 57357 a year ago in July. He underwent an operation to remove water on the brain and then a biopsy. His physician Dr. Yasser Youssef prescribed 31 radiotherapy sessions and 12 chemotherapy ones. He received his chemotherapy at 57357’s Tanta branch because it is nearer to his home in Banha province. Tarek was less tired after receiving the treatment in Tanta and all the Branch staff were helpful and supportive.

The first time I laid eyes on him was during the cartoon characters festival Hospital 57357 Cairo had organized for the children in April. You cannot but be charmed by his beautiful laughter. He carries a smile that lightens up his face and instills hope in anyone who reaches out to him.

Today , I ran into him for the second time at 57357’s Cairo Hospital. He was embracing his mother and sister with tears of joy. He was just informed by his physician that he had completely recovered and completed his treatment. He would now start his follow-up phase and return to his normal daily routine. He has overcome the cancer.
Tarek’s mother confides in me: We are so grateful for all the professionals in this Hospital and in Tanta who restored back our lives to us. I pray that all the children here would find cure and hope in a better future as did my son Tarek.

Thanks to our donors’ valuable support, Tarek and many more patients are receiving top quality care and offered the best opportunities for cure here and now in Cairo and in Tanta.
In the very near future, with the completion of our capacity expansion projects, nearly all of Egypt’s children with cancer will be offered the same opportunities ( God Willing )