As our cancer patients are immunocompromised, we make sure to constantly monitor environmental and personal hygiene and serve food through the application of international standards of food safety. One of the important criteria of ensuring food safety is the controlling of food temperature. The new 45 food carts provided by Egypt Cancer Network, US in December 2019 are designed to keep meals hot or cold always fresh and safe for a long period of time. Now our vulnerable children, who are in dire need to be well nourished as chemotherapy destroys their immunity and appetite, will be able to have their meals at the time they feel like it. Most importantly, thanks to the new trolleys, food will be served to them within a controlled temperature to avoid any infection or deterioration of food quality.

To express our immense gratitude to ECN donors, their names are inscribed on the trolleys in recognition and appreciation of this wonderful gift, as seen in the picture below.