Recently, 57357’s automated labs have encountered difficulties related to availability of essential reagents and spare parts, causing delays in diagnosis and treatment for our patients.


To address this issue and ensure uninterrupted service, it was necessary to invest in an additional chemistry and immunology instrument from a different brand. By diversifying our equipment portfolio, we can mitigate the risk of service disruptions caused by supply chain issues or the unavailability of specific components.


Furthermore, the new instrument will enhance our laboratory’s capacity by reducing turnaround times, improving workflow efficiency, and allowing us to meet the growing demands for diagnostic services in our community.


Thanks to Egypt Cancer Network supporters, our labs have just received the Atellica Solution and Decapper for chemistry and immunoassay which brings forth the following advantages:

enhanced efficiency, streamlined workflow as the new solutions integrate smoothly with our existing laboratory information systems (LIS) and laboratory automation systems, handling a high volume of samples concurrently, optimizing both walk-away and STAT testing, enhanced accuracy,  a wide range of routine and specialized tests, quality, reliability, and solutions that can adapt to changing needs.